Boltless Racks

Nexel Boltless Shelving is the most popular shelving choice because it is extremely fast and easy to put together.It fact, it can be completely assembled in less than half the time required for conventional shelving. No tools, nuts, bolts, clips or cutting is required.

Nexel Boltless Shelving & Rack Specifications:
  • Durable rivets on the ends of each shelving beam insert into keyhole slots on the heavy-duty steel posts.
  • Innovative double button studs securely lock perimeter beams into corner posts creating a structurally fastened joint.
  • Back and side sway is eliminated thanks to extra strength roll formed steel framing
  • Posts, beams, and center supports are constructed using 14-ga. steel.
  • Beams adjust on 1-1/2" centers
  • All units ship unassembled

If you are looking for easy to assemble shelving solutions, consider Nexel Boltless Shelving. Our shelving designers will help you create a shelving design for your facility. Call BeyondShelving today at 800.794.4140 or Live Chat with a shelving expert now.

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