Looking for the easiest way to transport products and equipment between areas? Many offices, warehouses, schools and other workplaces have a need to easily and quickly move items from one are to another.

BeyondShelving has the solution. Our industrial and commercial carts set the standard for quality, versatility and durability.These carts are easy to handle and are sized to fit down any doorway or hallway. Donut bumpers are included to protect your walls and equipment in case carts bump into them.

Most cart models easily adjustable and have a high weight capacity. Choose an industrial cart from a variety of models including:

Mobile Shelving Units: Mobile units with solid shelves, carts with adjustable wire shelves and carts that feature solid stainless-steel shelves for foodservice, hospital and laboratory environments.

Wire Utility Carts: These models are the perfect solution for moving inventory, tools, and other supplies around your organization.

Specialty carts include: Catheter Carts, Sterile Wrap Carts, Mail Carts and Instrument Carts.

Additional uses for commercial carts include internal mail, package or linen delivery. BeyondShelving uses NSF-approved shelving which means you can use our carts for food delivery too.

Looking for an easy to handle cart for your facility? Our team of experts can help. Call us today at 800.794.4140 to learn more or buy industrial and commercial carts. BeyondShelving experts are also available through our Online Chat Tool

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