Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

•    How to create an account?
Click Register at the top, right side of our website. Enter your details and set-up an account that can be used each time you make a purchase with us.

•    Do you offer wholesale?
We are a wholesale-only business. However, in addition to offering wholesale products to our business customers, we also gladly serve individuals.

•    How long does it take for orders to be shipped?
For items that are in-stock, our orders usually ship out within 1-2 business days. Once the item is shipped, our team reaches out to you and provides you with a tracking number that can be used to map out exactly how long it will take for your order to be delivered.

•    How are orders packaged at BeyondShelving?
We take extra measures to ensure that all orders are safely packaged. We use corner guards and carefully selected packaging materials to protect our items from damage during shipping and handling. However, if any product is damaged during shipping, we offer a hassle-free exchange within 15 days of delivery.

•    How much will I be charged for shipping?
Our shipping rates are calculated automatically when you enter your payment information for a purchase. Add items to your cart, proceed to Checkout, and select a shipping method that best meets your needs.

•    What is your return policy?
We focus on offering the highest levels of customer service. If any of our customers are not satisfied with our product for any reason, we gladly provide an exchange and refund if the product is returned with its original packaging and proof of purchase within 15 days of delivery

•    What payment methods are accepted?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Amazon Pay and ACH.

•    How to contact BeyondShelving?
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at support@beyondshelving.com.

•    How can I look for products on your site?
To find a specific product, we suggest that you use our keyword based search tool located on the top of our webpage.

•    What makes us special?
We understand the unique needs of the industry and work closely with associations, such as North American Assoc. of Food Equipment Mfg., National Restaurant Association, and Material Handling Industry of America to ensure that all of our products best meet your needs.

•    What are some of the publications we seek inspiration from?
We follow the cutting-edge technology that is often featured in Food Equipment and Supply and Modern Material Handling publications.

Product Related Questions

•    Will I have a difficult time putting together the shelving unit?
Not at all. All of our shelving units promise easily assembly. Our products come with an easy to understand guide to help you with their assembly.

•    Can I add casters to your wire shelving unit?
Quite certainly. You can add casters to all of our units, both new and existing.

•    Can I add more shelves to an existing shelving unit?
Yes, you can easily add as many shelves as you can fit on the post. We suggest you ensure that there is enough vertical space for easy storage of the items on the shelves.

•    Do I need to have a shelf at the bottom of my shelving unit?
Not really. You can choose not to have a shelf towards the bottom of your shelving unit. If you choose to do so, we suggest that you install triangle footplates or wall brackets to support the unit. Furthermore, you should have three to four hanger rails for additional support.

Glossary of Terms

Adjustable Shelf Bracket: It allows you to extend the length of your wall shelves by adding two on each side to support and extend the reach of your shelving unit.

Angle Post Uprights: Punched on 1.5" centers for easy beam adjustment, they are used with Rivet Lock and Wide Span shelving and racks.

ARA Bracket: Shelf brackets made of durable die-cast zinc to offer adjustable support to your shelving unit.

ATLAS Bracket: A shelf supporting bracket that works well with both wooden and glass shelves and offers easy leveling and cleaning of the unit.

BELT Bracket: Having an aluminum construction, these brackets come with a bottom that can be reversed to the top and offers support anchored to the wall.

Bracket: A tool to support weight of a certain shelf and keep it anchored to the wall.

Brass Mounts: These are metal brackets that are anchored to the wall and are best suited for glass shelves.

Caster: It is a tire or wheel mounted on the bottom of a shelf, allowing the shelf to be moved easily.

Donut Bumper: It is attached to a metal stem caster to keep furniture clean and protected.

Foot Plate: It is used for anchoring the shelves to increase stabilization.

Glove Box Holder: Constructed with heavy-duty steel, they are designed especially to hold gloves in a kitchen, laboratory, hospital, or health facility.

Hanger Rail: It is used to support the bottom of a shelving unit without needing a shelf at the bottom.

Joining Clamp: It connects to the posts on adjacent units and offers more rigidity.

Post: It serves as an attachment or support for the entire unit.

Post Cap: It is used on top of posts to eliminate dust and debris.

Post Leveler: It helps level shelving units when the floor is uneven.

Rods & Clips: They enclose the sides and/or the back of a shelving unit.

Shelf Divider: It helps further divide your shelving system.

Shelf Ledges: It prevents items from rolling or falling off the shelves and helps keep them in place.

Spring Clip: Easy-to-install pinch pins that are used to connect rods to shelving units.

Suspension Hooks: They are added to an adjustable wire shelving to easily adjust the height of the shelving unit.

Tie Plate: It connects two shelving or rack units side-by-side or back-to-back.

Wall Mount Double Wire Shelf Bracket: It is attached directly to the wall and helps support shelves installed side-by-side.

Wall Mount Shelf Brackets: They are attached to wall mounted post to place a shelf.

Wire Shelving Add-On Units: They add more storage and are compatible with our wire shelving kits.

Wire Shelving Kits: These kits are the most economical solution for industrial, commercial, and retail areas that require quality storage at an affordable price. Carefully pre-packaged while keeping the need and convenience of our customers in mind, our kits come in different dimensions to choose from. Each kit contains shelves, posts, clips, and leveling bolts and caps.

Wire Shelving Starter Units: Ideal storage units for organizations that anticipate a change in their storage needs.

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