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Trash & Recycling Receptacles:
The reduction of litter and facility cleanliness is a priority for owners and managers. BeyondShelving provides affordable trash and recycling receptacles to thousands of restaurants, office buildings, schools and campuses. Ordering high quality trash and recycling containers simplifies the cleaning process, keeps recyclables organized and most importantly, keeps your facilities clean and litter-free.

Outdoor Facility Equipment:
There is more to facility equipment than just indoor shelving. More and more customers and employees are being encouraged to spend time outside. BeyondShelving also offers the highest quality bike racks and outdoor picnic tables. We urge you to price shop these facility items and compare our prices to the competition. Outdoor equipment from BeyondShelving is high quality and cost effective.

Learn more about facility recycling receptacles, trash bins, bike racks and picnic tables by reaching out to us at 800.794.4140.

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