Security Units

Wire security units to create a secure solution for valuable equipment and inventory.If your facility stores items that are susceptible to theft or shrinkage, you need lockable and secure shelving.

Benefits of Lockable Security Shelving:

Lockable Security Shelving Specifications:

  • Perfect for storing liquor, pharmaceuticals, healthcare supplies and expensive tools
  • Shelving units are mobile and can be transported around facilities as needed. Lockable doors prevent items from moving around the truck while in transit.
  • Foldable when not in use for space saving
  • Enjoy unobstructed views of the contents.
  • The fold-up shelves can accommodate bulky, higher weight items.
  • Open 2" square grid mesh ensures high visibility.
  • Lockable double doors open to 270 degrees.
  • Security units feature adjustable levelers.
  • Our folding steel shelf truck folds to a compact 6-1/2" and has a 2,000 Lb. capacity.
  • A spring-loaded latch safely secures the folded shelves.

If facility security is a priority for you, BeyondShelving can help. Secure, lockable shelving units can be designed to maximize efficiency and organization, while keeping items secure. Call BeyondShelving today at 800.794.4140. Our shelving design team can assist with selection, configuration or design. Or Chat with us Now via the BeyondShelving online chat tool.

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