Specialty Products

Organizations with unique needs for shelving applications should consider specialty wire shelving products. Our wide selection of solutions includes

Slant shelf merchandisers:
  • Provide ample visibility and easy accessibility for fast and easy restocking.
  • Rear loading and front picking assures product rotation is managed on a first in, first out basis.
  • The angled wire shelves provide the benefit of "gravity feed" selection for stored products.
Cradle wine shelving:
  • Perfect for attractive and safe wine bottle storage. Each bottle is securely cradled by a heavy gauge wire shelf to prevent movement.
  • Adjustable shelves facilitate storage of many different sizes of wine bottles.
  • Our open wire construction permits air to circulate around the bottles. Triangle wire shelves
  • are the perfect solution for optimizing unused corner space.
  • All specialty wire shelves attach to standard wire shelving posts.
Brackets for Wall Shelving:
  • adjustable and fixed shelf wire shelving wall brackets for applications where floor space is not available.
  • One pair of wall brackets is required per shelf.

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